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The Principal 3D


[In easy operation also headmaster! ]● You are the principal teacher of the phrase school.
Also I think the topic of the morning assembly today. Operation is only to enter the topic of the story!Talk long-Ihodo high scores. However, boring topic is trying to attention because students fall in anemia.
Good topic of reputation increases students.If Different one character results change everything! Good to be a serious story, and good even blur. Let's look for a topic of your own!Popular person of principal Aim!
● world of my principal that has spread in 3D!
Wasteful reality is up in a reproducible dot 3D in full 3D!Picture book is also enriched! Share with Gekisha the morning assembly! Fun to find a topic in the rank evaluation with also has increased.Also play devised to other a lot! I try to play once anyway!
When the topic is not think ● it?
Consider the hobby and today's events!Favorite drama and cartoon Toka topic.Also funny stories and ghost story something?The world's largest hints and search for reviews orchids and the internet! I wonder if the other principals are what story? Rare story is found be ....Emergency, principal Toku!
● Yu tuber is competing in my principal 3D?
My principal 3D is a collaboration application with familiar UUUM company in Youtube! No way famous Youtuber appeared ...! ?HIKAKIN (Hikakin), beginning Shacho, Gucci ... more is for yourself!